DENT Wireless Management Team

You can find a description of all DENT Wireless Management Team member on the official website with references to LinkedIn profiles. However, this website has not been made to make a copy, but to give more insights…

So, below some additional videos to watch some of the members speaking in public about the DENT ecosystem… and to get some background and history… just for the fun.

Interview with Tero Katajainen, CEO & Founder of DENT Wireless

Interview with Tero Katajainen CEO & Founder of DENT Wireless

Mikko Linnamäki, Co-Founder of DENT Wireless

What do you mean with "liberating mobile data"? Mikko Linnamäki, Co-Founder

As we really like this podcast (as it gives an unique overview of what DENT Wireless wants to achieve), we made a special post Podcast interview Mikko Linnamäki about 5G vs 4G and the Future of Mobile Networks where we added some thoughts and additions.

Andreas Vollmer, Co-Founder DENT Wireless, showing you the first DENT iOS App v1.0

DENT iOS Mobile App v1.0 – Quick Overview 22.12.2017

The management team also consists of:

  • Henrik Erkkonen, CTO
  • Ramon Greep, SVP of Telco Operations
  • Ville Sundell, Smartcontract Specialist
  • Mark Xu, Country Manager Japan & China
  • Minho Kang, Country Manager Korea
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